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Dear Brent, 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful landscape you created for our property. 

The transformation from a yard overgrown with blackberries and ivy, to what we have the privilege to look out upon everyday is remarkable. 

We enjoyed so much watching the process and seeing your design come to life. It was beautiful on paper and the end result is beyond anything we could have imagined. It is the result of a truly gifted and talented individual. 

We wish you and your family continued and well deserved success. 

Thank you again for everything, 

- Marcia, Ferg and Katie

Dear Brent,

This is to express our appreciation for the excellent planning and implementation of the landscaping and associated work that you have undertaken for us during the last few months.

Before purchasing the house last September, the daunting appearance of the steep entrance to the front door and the neglected garden almost put us off buying it. It was your ability to visualize the possible transformation that influenced our decision to go ahead with the purchase.

Your imagination and creativity have borne fruit and the entire new appearance of the front and side gardens, pathways, patio and extended parking area are proof of the result. Friends, neighbours, passers-by and the real estate agent who listed the house when we bought, have all highly praised the appearance and remarkable improvement from what it was before - indeed, some have even likened it to a miniature Butchart Gardens.

We are truly delighted with the results of your efforts and for the friendly working relationship we have had with you and your staff throughout the work.

We look forward to maintaining our contact with you and wish you and Island Landscaper’s continuing and well-deserved success in the future.

With many thanks and good wishes,

- David & Jane


Hello Brent, 

We thank you very much for your excellent work in our garden, above all for the wonderful patio by the sea.You are right it is the most beautiful place for us. We enjoy it very much. All the best for you and your family. 

- Sincerely Christine and Bruno 

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